Picnic at the zoo


We live in such a beautiful place, filled with amazing sights and weather.  Spending the day with both of my girls and Julia’s friend was the best way to enjoy a Sunday.  We had a picnic lunch of tea sandwiches with many accompaniments, as we soaked in the sun and enjoyed one another’s company.  Later in the day walking along State Street creating our wish lists for the holidays.

In the past few months, as I have been trying to gain my footing in my unexpected life as I know it, I have spent far too many Sundays distant and selfishly seeking an altered reality.  Friends and good times have a time and a place, though Sundays should be reserved for those who are most important, my children.  The reason I have started this movement for myself is to keep focused on what I know to be the most fulfilling way to live my life, focused on being a mother.  I will never be able to take back my mistakes, or change who I have been, though I can better my choices and path day by day, loving myself and my beautiful children.

Looking forward to a new Sunday


Looking forward to this weeks picnic, our location of the Santa Barbara Zoo is set.  This is where our oldest daughter is employed, so it makes not only a beautiful setting, but a way to spend time with family.  We can plan our day so that we will be able to enjoy the company of Adrianna, for at least a short time during the day.  After all this movement is to encourage time between a mother and daughter, just because our oldest is an adult, does not change how important she is, as a child, but also as an older sister.  Proudly we can say she is a wonderful role model for Julia, working hard, pursuing her dreams, and making time for her family.

This weeks menu should be pleasing for Julia, her favorite treat is high tea.  I am choosing to make tea sandwiches, a simple salad, and finish with some fruit tarts.  Dainty bite size sandwiches seem perfect for a picnic.  I am not one who eats many treats, though a simple fruit tart is impossible for me to resist.  The idea is set, though exactly what sandwiches we choose to make will stay a surprise!