Expect the unexpected…

Life is unexpected, though I have only just begun to accept this concept.  As one who compartmentalizes close to all that I know, filled with presumptions only to find disappointment because of my well thought out and assumed conclusions. Slowly I continue to search inward allowing for the necessary growth to make the most of each of my days.  This paired with my pursuit of acceptance and forgiveness both of myself and those who I want in my life, following my intuition has slowly allowed for a new beginning.

Learning that the saying, never say never rings very true.  Having gone through some dark times, filled with anger, charging others with blame, recoiling in shame and letting go so much that self love and worth for a time were lost.  Somehow just stopping, starting over and having some independence coupled with solitude has directed my new, yet familiar path.

As I keep my mind open, somehow that inner peace I have always searched for has slowly begun to meterialize.

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