Daily rituals to gain headspace…

With all of the daily expectations, desires, obligations and personal needs one experiences, it is hard to be present through all moments of our day. I continually struggle with the ability to have harmony in my life.  I have spent most of my existence  feeling consumed by stress, depression, with the inability to express myself without my frustration shining through, and in doing so I have lost out on many moments of enjoyment from the gift of this life and the relationships I have had the opportunity to cultivate.  Slowly as I have committed to daily rituals in which I can improve my days and health.  Meditation and giving thanks expressed through my own personal spirituality has allowed me to keep grounded more than I have been in this life, slowly guiding me to  my desired inner peace.  This is a daily exercise that is as important as anything physical for me

What’s is gained, this concept of headspace, some insight as I reflect on experiences, what can be learned from them all.  Recognition of what my reactions should be in moments of doubt and frustration. Hopefully allowing me to be a better role model and mother than I have been thus far.

Through time I had worried of how to balance, now all I desire is to be present.  Our Sunday’s in the park are transitioning from what my original goal had been, though the core of this project has been to simply have a peaceful day together with my daughter.  There is no template, just the gift of each day, it is now time to make the most of each that we are fortunate enough to greet.

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