To Be Present…

This is a concept I had never explored nor is it one that had taken much of a second thought. The idea of being present was to me, just being somewhere physically, though I am realizing to be truly present it means so much more.  I have added some basic rituals to my morning that have been quite consistent.  There are a few practices that I have enlisted to help me become focused on my overall health, meditation being one of them.  And yes there have been a few nights I have thrown all out the window, only to wake and question why, why didn’t I just want to be present?!?  As one who struggles with the balance of enjoying a cocktail, or to hide behind the sheer warmth of drunkenness as a shield from what I do not want to feel, this idea to be present helps me to define the distinction between unwinding and disappearing.  Understanding how to recognize and embrace the emotions and struggles with the ability to be present, hopefully learning from all that I feel and encounter.

Meditation is not easy for me, my mind is always going, an inner dialog seems continuous.  Finding and reading a blog post from Flow+Glow on meditation tips for people who cant meditate helped guide me to some apps that have helped to bring me focus at times I have inner chaos. One of these apps is called Buddhify, and it gives one the opportunity to choose a guided meditation at any given time in ones day. There are many tips that I have learned by listening that have been beneficial to my ability to meditate without guidance.  One of these moments, is reminding myself to come back to the breath, and be present.

Daily when I take a break from my job, I sit in the courtyard near the fountain and soak in a little sun, a perfect place to listen to a guided meditation,  gaining a moment of peace that allows me to refocus and continue with my day and whatever it may bring.


2 thoughts on “To Be Present…

  1. I can really identify with a lot you have written in these last few posts. Being present and meditation are two things I have been working on lately. I’m trying to rid myself of negative habits, attitudes and thoughts and let God give me all the positive things I believe he has in store for me.

    Kevin (@kmcdaddy on Instagram)

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