Finding inspiration…

It has been a summer unlike any other.  Looking at years past, summer meant camping, beach days, family time simply a little more freedom than enjoyed during the busy school year.  This summer was about transitions and personal space.  With my inspiration, Julia, away for a length of time that I have never known since her creation.  My independent son home more often than I remember in the past few years.  Our oldest, Adrianna making accomplishments that have made me discern her from a child to an adult.   All the while I am still trying become comfortable in my own skin, realizing my days have so much beauty and joy, even though there is an absence of what I had expected.

Julia and I enjoyed a weekend away, celebrating Adrianna and my birthday, finally having a Sunday in the park.


In the past I have lost focus of what my purpose is.  There have been some changes in my daily life that have allowed for me to reclaim my reason.  Knowing that for me there is always a struggle to balance all that is expected, not just of myself, but that in which is expected and needed by my beautiful children and family.  I look to Julia and at times as I catch myself, just admiring all that she is.  She truly gives me strength in my parenting, it’s not that I haven’t made mistakes as a parent, the mistakes I have made could fill a novel (my older children can attest to this fact).  Though there is a way in which Julia carries herself, conveys her feelings, and has an absolute honesty helps to solidify that for us, it is good, we are good.

All that is meant to be will fall into place.

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