Beginnings and Endings


As the first day of summer for our family begins, a long chapter of elementary school ends.  As with all things in life where there is a beginning, there comes an end, or at times just a crossroad I suppose… Our personal journeys, friendship, love, life. Rarely is there a constant, thank goodness for that I say!  I had never embraced change, and that shortcoming never served me well. With so much that has turned me upside down, and given me a good shake in my last year I learned I must or I would simply crumble.

Through the challenge of our families changes and learning that there is a beauty in what has passed as I now look back, and an excitement for what lies ahead, as unknown as it is I welcome this next chapter.  In the past year there has been silence, laughter, tears and at moments absolute chaos, I am at a transition point of feeling strength knowing that all will be alright.

My only hope is that my goal when I started this project will continue, even as it has evolved. The core of making my relationship stronger with my youngest daughter has prevailed.  My set schedule, her busy schedule and all of the life that happens in between still we have grown closer and our line of communication is extremely open and is most likely not what it is between many mothers and fourteen year old daughters, though we have learned what we need from one another.

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