Mother’s Day Weekend

 As one who does not usually celebrate holidays, this was one of the first Mother’s Days I had ever truly enjoyed for all that it represents.  It was a full weekend, that made me feel so grateful for all the love I have in my life.

At twenty-two years old becoming a mother to my firstborn, and a beautiful three-year old at the same time was a blessing with many challenges.  I knew nothing of what it was to be mother, wife, while trying to figure out who I even was.

Over time I look back and become hung up on all that I now realize were mistakes in judgment or poor choices as a mother.  At the time all that I had seen or experienced in my childhood did not seem to not be indicative of the life I was now providing for my own children.  Though now as time has passed, I now see how it was so much the same.  It was just a new cast, with a few more characters, in a whole new setting, we were still just a family.

As I look back upon all of the holidays, celebrations, filled with love, strife, and more love, blending can be complicated as it is easy, it’s all what we make it.  We have had so many wonderful times together collectively. After all somehow we all played a part in making these beautiful children and helping to guide them into the humans they have now become.

We kicked off our weekend with a family dinner that was pulled together by our oldest child’s mother.  Finishing the weekend off with a picnic including my mom and family.  Very kind words from my children’s father, and a beautiful dinner to wrap up the weekend, all made for a few days to know all of the mistakes I have made have not outweighed the positive I have offered as a mother.

What I truly appreciate is the love and support my mother has shown me through my not so smooth life, even in my darkest of times.  As well as after twenty years of co-mothering with my step daughters mom we can all be a family and enjoy one another’s company. And of course all of our beautiful children.

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