Just wishing I could stop time…


Time passes so quickly… Just as the blossoms of this years Wisteria. Spending time together with loved ones, allowing flexibility in order to keep the peace can be trying.  As a single mother, I have learned how important it is to have time together, though it is important for all of us to have time to ourselves as well.  I realize how quickly time passes and enjoying moments together mean more than anything in the world.  Busy lives within our growing family, does not always allow for us to cross paths, making the times we all intersect so fulfilling.

It has been difficult to have all Sunday’s just to be together, though in the past month and a half or so we have managed to have a few. Sometimes just a dinner together, sometimes a brunch with friends. There was  holiday away with dad for Julia thrown in and an accident for my son.  More than a month since seeing Adrianna.  I want to stop everything and say we all need to take a time out, together!

I have been missing the idea I had of what a family is to be.  I wonder if because the experience I am offering of family to my children, and how it differs from the experience I had as I was brought up may be part of what fuels my distance at times.  The continual feeling of inadequacy looms over all that I do.  There is no right way, or wrong way long as there is love has always been my thought, so I will try to keep that perspective.  Though I truly miss the togetherness of us all.

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