Somehow things just work out…

Our last  Sunday did not turn out they way we had planned, a long drive, a bit of a disappointment, and then just going with the day.   I find that making plans or having expectations sometimes just leads to being let down.  Learning to work with what you’ve got, be it money, time or place can be a challenge, ultimately turning into what may shape to be a wonderful memory.

It isn’t easy for 13 year olds at times to have a just roll with it attitude, it’s still difficult for me!  Julia’s friend was wonderful and really did just that.  After a few moments that made me want to just walk away, we came up with some ideas of what to do for the rest of the day.  My Julia has this romantic picture of what Los Angeles is, so I figured better time than any for her to see what it is truly like and the diversity that can be seen one block to the next.  We headed up the 101 to Hollywood. Now I do tend to always miss an exit or get in the lane that must exit, I must admit I’m not the best at finding my way on the road. Though getting off at the wrong exit allowed us to see a few spots that positively are not on the list of stops in any tourism guide.  The traffic was stop and go, it was getting hot, we were a bit over it.  We did go to China Town having a nice lunch.  We made our way to Griffith Park.  Once we approached that area she said, “this is what I imagined”.  We went to the observatory, watched a planetarium show and just enjoyed the rest of our evening.

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