One on one time…

I started this project for so many reasons, but my focus has been to strengthen the relationship between my youngest daughter and myself.  My evolution through time as a parent has brought me to a place where I find that my older children had to have a patience children should not have needed, as I stumbled and at times fallen as a human.  Slowly I have come to be a better guide in life as I should be, though it seems more of a guide of what not to do, far too often.

This last weekend coming home from work, I found my son home on a Saturday night, which is an extremely rare occurrence.  It was just us, spending the evening talking, laughing, and sharing, a few somber moments of reflection.  He is a very honest, and vocal young man, both my favorite and least favorite part of his character.  He needs to find the appropriate times to voice his opinions, and when not to hold back, this is an area in which I have not been the best guide.   Through the conversation we shared, I know he will be just fine.  It is difficult as a mother to see the son who you once held so close become a man.  I look back and wish I had more patience, enjoying, loving  and holding, had I only known how quickly time would pass.

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