I do not claim to know what I am doing as a human, nor as a parent. Though honesty, and an open dialogue is what I believe to be the best choice I could make in life. I truly believe that pretending my daughter will either steer clear of, or not be offered drugs and alcohol, is simply to live with blinders. It will happen, and honestly she will most likely partake at some point, so preparation for such moments is the key to helping her make appropriate choices.  The discussion we engaged in was quite deep, including my experiences, and what I believe are pros and cons to drug use, as well as tools to be sure whatever choice she makes is educated.  We live in an unpredictable world, keeping that in mind, makes the challenge of reminding my children, and myself that to think on our feet, anticipating  our responses will only allow for the ability to keep just a moment of control in this existence of chaos.

A lazy day spent with my Julia was a wonderful way to finish off last weekend.  Watching movies having lunch, yes in bed again.  As I reflect on the conversation that transpired between us, makes me feel as though I am, with all my faults, on the right path with my daughter.  Continually she shares with me, sometimes information I do not necessarily want to know, though I need to be aware of in order to help guide her the best I know how.   I am so proud of her for sharing with such honesty.  A clear indication, that judgment is not part of our relationship.

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