My little valentines…


A romantic, I am not. Through the years I haven’t ever felt interested in the idea of being told that there is a day of the year that I should show my love because it is yet another “holiday” that we should participate in. Reminder traditions are not my cup of tea.

To celebrate and bring some individuality to work, my boss came up with the idea of us having a craft day, making valentines bags to then have a little exchange of candy and cards. Now as silly is this may be, it was something that brought out creativity, and kindness in my coworkers.

In the end, we ended up with some silly and fun vessels to receive thoughtful little treats. Employees brought together through one of those “holidays” that I generally disregard. So for me, now another perspective has been accepted.

I came home and brought the entire bag to my Julia, I don’t care for any kind of sweets… Go figure.

Happy Valentines💕


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