The power of association…



(n.) The connection or relation of ideas, feelings, sensations, etc.; correlation of perception, reasoning or the like.

To simply encounter an individual, enter a specific door, to inhale and savor an aroma, in these instances one can be transported back into another time or memory. The power of association can be looked at in a positive and negative light.  As I continue to learn more about myself through this past years journey, I have found that the impact for not only myself, but those who surround me can be the beginning of something beautiful or an emotional storm appears.   I wear my heart on my sleeve, I also have no filter in most cases, though I am resilient and rebound every time, once I connect and accept the issue in which has been so thought-provoking.  Controlling my emotions and possible anger is not a strong suit for me, this is yet again one of the many faults that I am working on.  Eradicating the triggers I can control that arouse negative thoughts or behavior is a process that I need to become strong and conscious enough to learn to evade.

Cooking and simply being in the kitchen warms me in every way, it is also a wonderful way to connect with others.  I have not been feeling my best this past week, and Sunday I had been so sick that I didn’t leave my bed, Julia said I couldn’t even be stirred when I was asleep.  Then in the evening I awoke, finally getting out of bed feeling like there was just enough energy to make some dinner.  I looked in the fridge and this is what I came up with,  from there Julia and I were able to enjoy one another’s company, watching a movie and ending our Sunday together.  The association of sautéing vegetables, and sitting at the table having conversation brings us together in such a positive way that it makes me so happy that Julia has dreams of becoming a chef,  we will have many beautiful meals to share in the years to come always having the memory of Sunday dinners spent together.

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