Iron skies


“But no one, No nobody, Can give you the power…” This lyric alone from the beautiful song Iron Sky of Paolo Nutini speaks to me, as I continue on my journey of self-reliance, self discovery, and path to loving myself.  All that is necessary to allow my ability to become a strong independent woman who can inspire my daughter to be all that she desires to be in life.  The song itself is political with a message of independence, hearing the speech from Charlie Chaplin’s THE GREAT DICTATOR, a movie I was introduced to in a philosophy class.  Hearing “we are not machines” reminds me that my life does not need to reflect any other.

In Life we cross paths with so many individuals, some who give and some who take, as we do the same.  I truly believe that whomever we encounter is for a reason, in the end to teach us who we can be.  This song was introduced to me by someone who I may never actually meet in person, someone who has been a great support through this choice to become sober.  This chance introduction is what can be so powerful about how small our world has become.

As  tomorrow is already another Sunday, the days pass so quickly it seems one day it will just pass me by.  I honestly do not know how the day will play out.  We had made specific plans, and as life goes… obstacles arise, only to throw us off, this is when I truly need that flexibility in order to roll with the punches.  I am learning to not invest too much into looking forward to far, so I do not feel disappointment.  That may not be the best way to exist, but for now it is a protection from feeling as though I have failed in some way, a major trigger for my need to get lost.

My reason not to get lost… Julia, and her need for me.


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