Our traditions evolve


Year after year as a family moves through life, new homes, kids growing, I have found that traditions can change as time passes.  Sometimes our traditions have changed based on circumstance, events or what ties us down, bringing a new spin on how we spend our holidays.  We have never been a traditional family per say, a very blended family, with all involved in many years of celebration.  We also made the determination that spending time as a family on a vacation, or little getaway was worth more than purchasing gifts that were forgotten by springtime, or sooner.  Some of our winter vacations are my most fond memories of what was our family.

I love to cook, I enjoy eating with family and friends, though there were many holidays I was in the kitchen and never even had a chance to enjoy the food I had prepared, or the company that we had in our home.  For a few years we owned a restaurant, and together my husband and I would cook six nights a week, so on a holiday we chose to be taken care of.  This year is the first I will be alone in all of my life, no one to take care of, no one home.  I am choosing to work and leave my evenings unplanned.  The idea of spending my Sundays with my beautiful daughter spending the day together, exploring and enjoying lunch becomes even more important.  Once again tradition shifts, to do something special does not require a holiday, just our love and ability to nurture our relationship in our own way.

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