Looking forward to a new Sunday


Looking forward to this weeks picnic, our location of the Santa Barbara Zoo is set.  This is where our oldest daughter is employed, so it makes not only a beautiful setting, but a way to spend time with family.  We can plan our day so that we will be able to enjoy the company of Adrianna, for at least a short time during the day.  After all this movement is to encourage time between a mother and daughter, just because our oldest is an adult, does not change how important she is, as a child, but also as an older sister.  Proudly we can say she is a wonderful role model for Julia, working hard, pursuing her dreams, and making time for her family.

This weeks menu should be pleasing for Julia, her favorite treat is high tea.  I am choosing to make tea sandwiches, a simple salad, and finish with some fruit tarts.  Dainty bite size sandwiches seem perfect for a picnic.  I am not one who eats many treats, though a simple fruit tart is impossible for me to resist.  The idea is set, though exactly what sandwiches we choose to make will stay a surprise!

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