The Beginning


As a woman who imagined I would only be a wife and mother for all of my life, the idea of becoming an individual has been an extreme challenge for me.  To slowly accept the passing of my marriage, has been a road traveled that I could have never foreseen.  I have stepped off the path of dignity at times forgetting my true purpose, to support and love my youngest daughter, by showing her the way, by example. Though I can look back and dwell on my regrets, I choose to rise from my ashes and prove myself to be the woman who I was meant to be. With this, I will begin my journey to stay sober, and learn to deal with problems in a healthy way.  I hope to improve my writing skills, continue to capture images of our beautiful world, and most of all strengthen myself and my lovely Julia.

For our first picnic the plans changed, and we chose this beautiful spot, our front yard.  Quilt and pillows, lazing about.

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